The Lady in The Canvas (alternatively named Lady in Red, Blue or Green based on the color she is wearing in a particular portrait, of which available possibilities include Red, Blue or Green) is the third type of enemy encountered in the distorted museum, even though the painting can be seen in the normal museum (Only the one dressed in red however).


When the painting comes alive, a window breaking sound can be heard, which probably means that the Lady "crashes" through the window of the painting itself. At that point, she begins chasing the player at different speeds by propelling herself with her hands, whilst her rear remains within the portrait, thus she drags it behind her. Red has a medium/slow speed, Blue has a definite slow speed, and Green has a fast speed, but the player/Ib will always run faster than any of the Ladies. A Lady deals 1 point of damage for every hit she lands on the player. Often, a Lady poses only a minor annoyance, and then usually only because she blocks access to important spots often. When encountered in groups however, Ladies are far more dangerous.